Aims & Scope

Turkish Journal of Religious Education Studies-TUDEAR

Turkish Journal of Religious Education Studies (TUDEAR) is published semi-annually with content of Turkish, English and Arabic articles being evaluated by academics expert in the field.

TUDEAR publishes scientific articles on education and religious education; researches on the philosophy, approach and models of education and religious education, history, methodology and its problems as well as scholarly works such as introduction of books and theses along with news on symposiums, seminars, conferences, panels, news on those who have passed away as well as evaluations.

In addition, TUDEAR has made it a duty to publish different types of articles from different fields in addition to scientific studies on education and religious education.

The prerequisite for acceptance of the articles sent for review is that they should not have been printed anywhere else. The presented articles are first evaluated by the editorial board. If the article meets the desired content and stylistic conditions, it is subject to further evaluation with regard to whether it is suited for publication or not.

All articles are evaluated by two referees and are sent to a third referee if required. The publication of an article is subject to referee approval. The authors are obliged to make the required revisions on their texts.

The format that TUDEAR uses for citations is the APA (American Psychological Association) Style 6th Edition format. Authors should obey the rules and format specified in the American Psychological Association Guideline published by the American Psychological Association.


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