The Evaluation Process

Articles, including references, must be completely submitted in print or electronically in conformity with our principles of rules and author guideliness.
All manuscripts sent to TUDEAR to be published, are checked for plagiarism via “iThenticate” software. They may be rejected or demanded revision as a result of plagiarism detection.
The accepted manuscripts are examined in terms of their conformity with the principles of journal and formational features by the editor. The approved manuscripts are sent to two reviewers from Turkey and abroad, who are experts of the related subject. The identity of both reviewers and authors are kept secret in this process.
Deadline for reviewers to examine the manuscripts is maximum 30 days.
If reviewer reports include some suggestions for manuscripts, they are sent to authors in 15 days after reviewers’ submission. Authors revise their works according to the suggestions of reviewers. Yet, if they disagree with some points of reviewers’ suggestions, they express reasons for their disagreement.
Manuscripts receiving one positive and one negative report are sent to third reviewer. Third reviewer’s report determines the decision to approve or reject the publishing of manuscript.
Articles concluded with a positive review process are published in order, according to the completion dates of reviewers’ reports.
Authors imply to have accepted the rights of editor, editor assistants, and English language expert in revising their accepted manuscripts, without making a basic change in the text.
This journal keeps the right to submit manuscripts under review to investigation of the support institutions or other authorities if there is a possible scientific error and claim to ethical violation in them. TUDEAR bears the responsibility of following the case properly; yet does not exercise power of pursuing investigation and deciding about errors.

Processing Charges: There is no processing charges for assessments

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